In Wenmec you have extensive and modern machinery at your disposal. We have a number of boring machines, a range of different machines for milling, lathes up to 15 meters and carousel lathes capable of processing large work pieces. Most of our machines are CNC-controlled or curve line controlled.

Type Dimension Annan utr.
Boring machine UNION Table 1250×1400
Boring machine UNION Table 2000×1800 Curve line controlled
Boring machine TOS Table 1800×1800 Tools exchanger
Milling machine SORALUCE Table 3500×1200 Tools exchanger and rotating milling heads
Milling machine SORALUCE Table 10000×1500 Rotating milling heads
Lathe PUMA L=2000  Max Ø 770 Driven tools
Lathe POREBA L=7000 Max Ø 930
Lathe GURUTZP L=8000 Max Ø 1100 Curve line controlled
Carousel lathe PROFILA Table Ø 2240 Max Ø 2500 Curve line controlled
Welding robot MOTOMAN L=14000 (2 sections)
B=4500 H=3700
2 positioners
5 ton and 3 ton
Welding robot IGM L L=2500 max 2 positioners 1ton each