Wenmec has the expertise, resources and experience to perform complex mechanical assembly, electrical installation, automation assembly and hydraulic assembly. This applies to both series, single products and prototype assembly. We can flow orient the assembly to achieve the best efficiency. We evaluate with the customer to achieve an optimized production adaptation and efficient assembly. Our skilled technicians can work with most brands.

Wenmec performs:

• Mechanical assembly
• Electrical assembly  & Automation assembly
• Hydraulic assembly

Close collaboration with the customer
Our short ways to decisions gives us high flexibility that allows us to deliver according to your specific wishes. Generous mounting surfaces and efficient logistics, we are well equipped to meet all of your – and your customers’ – needs. Throughout the product’s assembly, we have a rigorous quality control.

Complete assembling
We have a close cooperation with you as costumer from planning to final delivery, assuring quality all the way. We can also work transparently against your ERP.

If you have high standards for quality assurance and assembly efficiency, you can safely turn to us for mechanical assembly. Your customers will be as pleased as if you had supplied the product your self!