Wenmec has extensive welding skills and are certified according to ISO 3834-2. Quality and precision pervades our thinking in all operations, whether for MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA or powder welding. Our qualified welders is able to obtain most of the common welding licenses.

Wenmec has a wide range of welding knowledge. We carry out welding of most materials – from low-alloy steel to high-strength in both black and white material.

All our welders are certified according to EN 287 and we have WPQR in material groups 1, 3, 8 and 10.

Our robot operators are certified according to EN 1418th

For welding of large and complex objects, we have a number of heavy working tables. These tables are able to handle heavy weight objects with high precision requirements. For increased productivity of large series, we have modern welding robot for work pieces weighing up to 5 metric tons.

Apart from welding equipment, the workshop is also equipped to carry out joint preparation, bending and cutting.

Robot Welding
Wenmec’s welding robot can process large objects. It works fast and with outmost precision.

Our welding robot has got a work range length of 14 meters, divided into two sections. The working width is 4500 mm and working height is 3700 mm. The welding robot has got two work tables with positioners: 5 or 3 metric tons.

Robot welding offers you an effective production pace with a very high and even quality level.

Sheet metal processing
Our competent and skilled staff master most of the techniques in sheet metal processing. The welding workshop has machinery capable of bending, cutting and joint preparation.

Through the years we have gained first-class knowledge of the most common materials in sheet metal processing.